Classic & Simple American Food

Great tasting food is something we all crave. With fresh ingredients such as locally sourced vegetables, whole, never processed meats, and soft breads, our food always delivers the satisfying flavor you seek.


Below are a few items that are always available on our menu any day of the week.*


If you would like to see what other foods are on today’s menu, find our current location on the calendar, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or give us a call.

* Excluding some special events.

Refreshing Lemonade

Chicken Wraps

Juicy Hand-Pressed Burgers

Tender Gator Bites

Since 2011, We've Sold Over

Gator Bites
Cups of Lemonade
Chicken Wraps

Bring the Crowd

Draw in a crowd with your next event with Loafin’ Around Cafe catering. Whether it’s a party, business lunch, food truck rally, or city event, let us bring the best food to your attendees.

Call us to schedule your next successful event with the first food truck of Highlands County.

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Come Eat With Us

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